School Profile

Thuringia International School is committed to high academic standards and to enabling its students to pursue further education after graduation at university or elsewhere, whether in Germany, in Europe, or further afield.

The school publishes a School Profile document each year which documents its achievements as regards academic standards, and specifically which summarises the external examination grades of its recent graduating classes for viewing by prospective universities and by the community at large. In concise form, the document lists facts as regards enrolment, the range of nationalities among students and staff, and as regards the scope of the educational program. It also details student achievement in graduating classes, including the grades attained in different academic disciplines. It shows the average grade and the overall pass rate attained by each cohort of graduating students, and it shows the percentage of those students who achieved a bilingual diploma, whereby they are able to succeed in examinations using two or more languages at a proficient speaker level.