Strategic Plan 2022-2024

Thuringia International School has identified six main strategic objectives for the coming couple of years. They are very pragmatic in nature; many are associated with developments associated with the post-Covid environment, and some are associated with the school's preparations for a CIS/IB synchronised visit planned for 2024.

Learning and Curriculum

To develop and implement Programme Development Plans for each IB focus area (PYP, MYP, DP).

Approaches to Teaching

To teach for student motivation, engagement, collaboration, and achievement;
To enable innovation and its articulation, including explicit displays of values and initiatives around the school and in classrooms.

Teaching and Technology

To enable the use of technology to enhance teaching and student engagement;
To provide increased access to technology devices and digital resources/texts.

Staff Culture

To promote wellbeing, collaboration and community;
To promote efficacy and voice; school self-study participation.

Student Belonging and School Spirit

To promote efficacy and action, including Student Councils;
To organize student assemblies, presentations and performances;
To develop after school activities (Upper School);
To facilitate community service;
To organize school trip opportunities;
To promote equity, justice and belonging/inclusion by way of global citizenship;
To develop sustainability, including environmental protection.


To re-establish the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and the Sponsors Association;
To share school and class activities with parents;
To promote opportunities for parent voice.