Sharing Ideas and Interests

The Student Council, consisting of a representative from each grade level, was initiated as a way to introduce students to the process of formal meetings, clear communication, and to develop responsibility, initiative, and leadership skills.

Members of the Lower School Student Council are: Hashem, Luis, Kush, Maja, Chralotte, Rose, Sama, Selena, Edward, Lucie, Arthur, JP, Christopher and Marah. The Lower School Student Council is guided by Ms. Freeman and Ms. Scott. They meet on a regular basis to discuss student and school issues.

The committee of the Upper School Council includes Thea, Ina (Secretary), Aryan, Luca, Alfred, Lord, Alexander (Co-Secretary), Nikolai, Albert (Treasurer), Helen (President), Eva, Antonia, Mia (Vice President), Lilly and Mairin (Senior Advisor). They are supported by the Upper School Student Council Coordinator, Mr. Polizotto, and also meet regularly.

The combined Student Council runs several events throughout the school year. They decide and announce how the funds collected at those occasions are used. The Student Council is also expected to act as representatives for the student body.


Where have our Alumni been studying?
To find out which Universities our Alumni have been attending please click here. If you are an Alumni and your University is not listed, please inform us so that we can add your current location.

ThIS Alumni at Facebook
If you would like to have access to the ThIS alumni group please contact us, so that we can include you and give you the possibility to network with other ThIS alumni and share experiences.

Alumni - the '22/12' Club
If you graduated from grade 12 at Thuringia International School, you are a valued member of our school alumni. If you graduated from grade 12 (or the equivalent) at another school but spent some of your earlier school years at Thuringia International School, you are also a treasured alumni of the school. ThIS has established an annual tradition of winter alumni gatherings, the "22/12" Club. The Director invites all alumni and all Diploma Programme teachers and grade 12 students to a reunion dinner (school can buy appetizers, the remainder is self-pay) on 22 December each year, from 18:30. If you wish to come please confirm with the school by 15 December; we will notify you of the location when you confirm. We are looking forward to seeing you again!


The School will maintain open lines of communication with parents

In a spirit of partnership and good will for all students, parents are encouraged to express ideas, concerns, and suggestions about the School in helpful and productive ways and through the appropriate channels.

Parents are encouraged to express ideas, concerns, and suggestions about the School in accordance with the guidelines below:

  • to the classroom teacher when the issue involves the student in the classroom
  • to the Upper/Lower School Principal when satisfaction is not found with the classroom teacher or when the issue is of Upper/Lower School concern
  • to the Director when satisfaction is not found with the Upper/Lower School Principal.

Although the advice of parents will be carefully considered, the final decision will rest with the Director pertaining to all school issues.

Parent Teacher

A child’s school life is greatly enriched by a family that is well-informed and active in school affairs. ThIS welcomes parent involvement and encourages close ties between parents and the school. There are many ways in which parents can assist in our school; they are strongly encouraged to participate.

The Parent Teacher Organisation runs volunteer services and coordinates a wide variety of social events.