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"Our school is special because our teachers are very nice and helpful. They are always there when we need them. Thanks!"

How would you characterize Thuringia International School? How is it different to a standard German School?
There are many differences but here are a few of them. Students study all of their lessons in English, except for when they’re learning German and other languages. Thuringia International School is the only International Baccalaureate-authorized World School in the state and consequently students also learn in a unique way. Students learn to be inquirers, communicators as well as knowledgeable. The school fosters an environment where students learn to be principled, caring to others, and reflective about their work. Students are involved in community and environmental work. Students take international exams at the end of their studies and mostly move on to university study.

How would you describe the learning ethos at Thuringia International School?
Students are polite and friendly. There is a supportive and nurturing environment. There is a very positive atmosphere with our 4 year old and 18 year old students mixing in the same buildings. Students are very positive and enthusiastic about learning. Parents are delighted about their associations with the school and are often involved with school activities and events.

Does Thuringia International School have its own building?
Yes, we have a beautiful new modern campus on the Belvederer Allee in Weimar. Our facilities are excellent. We have 4 state-of-the-art science labs, a computer lab, dedicated music and art rooms, and a wonderful library. We have a gymnasium and a cafeteria. The resources in classes are also very good.

My child does not speak English/German. Can she/he come to Thuringia International School anyway?
It is not necessary for children in grade 5 and below to have previous experience with learning English/German to join our school. We support our students with a special programme, called English/German as a Second Language (ESL/GSL). Students are provided with support to help them learn English/German during their first months and years at the school. In Early Primary Classes, there will always be a teacher or an assistant who speaks fluent German, which helps during the transition time.

In the Middle School some background experience with English is expected at the time of enrolment, as well as a satisfactory ability in German (or another language) and mathematics. We continue to support our students with special English/German lessons in the Middle School where necessary.

Students joining us for The IB Diploma (Grades 11 and 12) are required to speak English fluently and to have an A2 German level as a minimum. It is a demanding and intense programme, requiring well developed language skills.

Would I as a parent have to speak German if my child is attending ThIS?
We are an English speaking school, but, as many of our students have German as their mother tongue, all information is published in English and German.

Which certificates can my child gather attending ThIS? Are they recognized in Germany?
At the end of Grade 10, our students sit Cambridge IGCSE Exams. If they are successful, this is recognized as the “Mittlere Reife” by the Ministry of Education of Thuringia.

The IB Diploma at the end of Grade 12 is considered to be an “international passport” to higher education, as it is based upon the best educational practices in the world. The programme is fully recognized by the German government and, providing requironments are met, enables students to gain the “Allgemeine Hochschulreife”. It enables students to gain entrance to universities all around the world, including the US, UK, and other English speaking countries. Recent graduates from Thuringia International School have scored very well in their examinations and gained entrance to universities in these countries as well as Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, China, Switzerland and others.

My child is under 6 years old. What programmes do you offer for young children?
Our Early Primary is open for children who are 4 years old at the beginning of the school year. This is part of the IB Primary Years Programme (Grades Early Primary to 5), which is based on interactive and inquiry hands-on teaching.

Are your teachers fully qualified?
Yes, they are fully qualified and experienced. Our teachers are employed from locations all over the world. They are mainly English natives from the U.S., Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. Other staff members are from Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, France, Denmark and South Africa. On the other hand, our German teachers are local and have German as their mother tongue. All French and Spanish teachers have French and Spanish as their mother tongue respectively.

Does the school have spaces for new enrolments?
Yes, we have spaces at all grade levels. Our classes are kept small, usually with about 10-15 students per class, so that the quality of education is high and so that new students can always be enrolled.

My child is attending another school but is not happy there. Are there possibilities for a transfer?
Enrollment can happen throughout the school year for children of any age. Through our shadow days, testing and a review of a student’s report card, our principals and teachers assess the level of knowledge skills possessed by a new student. They will set up a support plan to make the necessary transfer as smooth as possible.

I live far from Weimar; how can my child come to school every day?
We organize bus transportation to the regions around Weimar, Jena and Erfurt as well as Sömmerda or Apolda. We provide a door to door service. Please contact us to find out if this service is available in your area.

Is there a boarding programme?
The school is working together with a local boarding facility to provide a boarding programme from Sunday to Friday each week for students in grades 9-12 whose families are resident in Thuringia. The programme is set in a facility just 10 minutes walk from the school and that offers a high quality support to young people living away from home during the week. It is an ideal alternative for students whose families live in Thuringian cities such as Gera, Eisenach and Rudolstadt and who wish to attend the school but for whom the daily commute is too long. Further information about the boarding programme is available from the school. The school does not have a 7-nights per week boarding programme, but it can try to support students in finding accommodation located near to the school, either home-stays or apartments for older students.

I can’t afford the school fees. Does Thuringia International School offer any scholarships?
We offer tuition scholarships based on family income. Detailed information on the scholarship programme is available here.

What do I do if I have further questions?
Please visit the school so we can discuss your questions. Alternatively please send your queries to


Positions available school year 2018-2019

Lower School (Early Primary - Grade 5)

Freelance Sub Teacher
Teaching qualification (1st Staatsexamen for German applicants), flexible with working hours, interest in working with children and collaborating with staff and parents, ability to communicate in English. Start date: anytime

Upper School (Grades 6 - 12)

Freelance Sub Teacher
Teaching qualification (1st Staatsexamen for German applicants), flexible with working hours, interest in working with children and collaborating with staff and parents, ability to communicate in English. Start date: anytime

Whole School

Currently no positions available
Start Date: -

Internships at ThIS
Our school is open to support young people who would like to get first experience in administrative work or in library work. German language is not required. We support internships with a maximal duration of 3 months.
Start Date: anytime

General Job Requirements/Qualifications:
Teaching Certificate
Experience with the programmes taught at ThIS preferred
Native level English

Determined and based on qualifications and teaching experience, salary scale.

  • In order to be considered, applications must contain the following and submitted as a single PDF file (please name the concrete position you are applying for in the header of your email):
  • Letter of interest
  • CV
  • 2-3 referees and contact details (one of which should be your current employer)
  • 2-3 confidential letters of recommendation, sent directly to the school with the name of the applicant in the header (these may be from your named referees)
  • Copies of degree(s) and/or certificate(s)
  • Please note that only completed applications will be considered

Please submit all inquiries to: The school uses personal data from job applicants only for the purpose intended. Data is kept confidential within the school administration and not shared with third parties beyond the school.