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Reading is not only an essential skill to enable learning in school, it is also great fun! Therefore, we strive to spark the joy of reading and support our students in mastering different types of resources.

Via our school library we offer a wide selection of English and German children’s and youth literature, novels, current non-fiction, journals and magazines, DVDs, and internet resources. We also provide a small collection of books in different languages, such as French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

You can access our library catalogue from any web-enabled computer. There you can search our OPAC, read book recommendations and reviews, get information on new books and other media, or catch up on library news. The library opening times are 08:15-12:30 and 13:00-16:15 on school days.

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Der Zugang zum Online-Lernportal erlaubt den Lehrern, Inhalte und Termine zu teilen, den Schülern, von überall aus darauf zuzugreifen, und den Eltern, sich jederzeit über die akademischen Leistungen ihres Kindes auf dem Laufenden zu halten.