School Appeal for Air Purifiers

Thuringia International School is committed to offering a healthy and hygienic learning environment for students. During the Covid emergency, thorough room ventilation has been an important part of this. However this strategy is more difficult during the winter months. Accordingly the school wishes to organize an air filtration system to clean the air in classrooms. Working with a supplier of air filtration equipment, the school has developed a plan for the immediate installation of a system that will remove airborne viruses.

However the system is expensive and beyond the reach of the school budget. Each large room will cost about 2,000 € to equip and we have 40 of these rooms used by students in the school. Accordingly the school is appealing for sponsors to support the project. The school is able to provide a receipt for donations made by ThIS parents or others to this project. If you might be able to help with this, please click here. Thank you for your support in helping the school best support its students and staff.