School Appeal for Air Purifiers

Thuringia International School offers a heartfelt thank you to those who so generously contributed to the Appeal for Air Purifiers.

The school is committed to offering a healthy and hygienic learning environment for students. During the Covid emergency, thorough room ventilation has been an important part of this. However this strategy is more difficult during the winter months. Accordingly the school has chosen to organize an air filtration system to clean the air in classrooms.

The system we have chosen is a high-quality one and is accordingly expensive, and beyond the reach of the approved school budget. Nevertheless the school has now been able to find the funds required.

Half of the 80,000 Euros required has come from donations made by parents. Once again we thank parents for their generosity. The remainder of the funding has been diverted from other budget areas in the school. The purchase of new computers has been delayed until next school year to allow funds to be diverted from the technology budget. Further funding has been diverted from the field-trips budget, which has been possible given the lockdown is preventing the school from operating the off-site trips that are normally a part of its programs.

The school received 40 devices made by LINDIG Gruppe that are able to remove airborne viruses. The specifications for these devices are available here. The devices were placed in all large classrooms in both the Lower School and Upper School, as well as in the library and daycare room.