Director’s Welcome

Welcome to ThIS, now in its second decade of providing an international learning experience to the children of internationally-mobile and globally-minded families.


Our curriculum focuses on the heart as well as the mind and addresses social, physical, emotional and cultural needs as well as academic ones. The traditional academic subjects are valued but there is much more.

Admission Procedure

ThIS is more than happy to arrange an appointment for your family to visit the school, discuss your enrollment needs and tour our campus. Our staff is able to assist you in English and German.


Our role as a school is to prepare students for the world of today and of tomorrow, and this means equipping students with skills and the confidence required to use technology.


How would you characterize ThIS? How is it different to a standard German School? Which certificate can my child gather attending ThIS? Are they recognized in Germany?

Parents Section

This section contains important information for parents such as supply lists, teachers' contact data, curriculum documents and access to the conference booking system. 

Upcoming Events

Kindertagsfest at the Schillerstraße

Schillerstraße, 99423 Weimar, Germany

Kindertagsfest at the Schillerstraße

Schillerstraße, 99423 Weimar, Germany

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