Admission Procedure

ThIS is more than happy to arrange an appointment for your family to visit the school, discuss your enrollment needs and tour our campus. We cater to a diverse range of students from countries and schools with varying school calendars; therefore in order to meet the needs of prospective parents and students we welcome applications throughout the school year.

Please feel welcome to contact the school’s office anytime. Our staff is able to assist you in English and German. The admission procedure is as follows.

1 Prior to application for admission

Families may visit the school to learn more about its educational programmes. Parents can meet school staff or leadership staff to ask questions. Students can be admitted throughout the year. Scholarships are limited, but availability can be assessed by the school at this stage.

2 Submission of documents

Parents supply completed documents to the school office. Please download the application form/contract here:


3 School evaluation of admission application

The school uses the documentation provided to evaluate the admission application. Students may spend one to three days as a guest in school. Placement testing and/or screening may be requested depending on the submitted documents, grade level and language proficiency. Data obtained from tests is placed in student files or discarded in case of no enrollment.

4 Conclusion of contract

The Director makes the final decision on admission. After enrolment is approved and school fees are confirmed, parents can sign the school contract.

5 Invoicing

The Director signs the school contract, which is sent to parents together with the invoice for the registration fee. Students may start in school with one day's notice.