In a spirit of partnership and good will for all students, parents are encouraged to express ideas, concerns, and suggestions about the School in helpful and productive ways and through the appropriate channels.

Parents are encouraged to express ideas, concerns, and suggestions about the School in accordance with the guidelines below:

  • to the classroom teacher when the issue involves the student in the classroom
  • to the Upper/Lower School Principal when satisfaction is not found with the classroom teacher or when the issue is of Upper/Lower School concern
  • to the Director when satisfaction is not found with the Upper/Lower School Principal.

Although the advice of parents will be carefully considered, the final decision will rest with the Director pertaining to all school issues.

Parent recommendations

ThIS was and still is our first and only choice, regarding the education of our children. The school offers a learning atmosphere coined by intercultural mindset paired with engaged teaching staff. In a time when school seems to be some sort of battle ground, THIS is a safe place where children are prepared to be responsible adults. The IB learner profile names the attributes ThIS thrives for. Our children are educated to become inquirers, thinkers and communicators that are not only knowledgeable and principled but first and foremost open-minded and caring, which are qualities that are becoming increasingly crucial to our world. (Family Hussein/Sternkopf)

We would highly recommend ThIS to other parents. Our two children love going to school, and their development not only scholastically but also socially has exceeded our expectations. The ThIS approach allowed both of our children to settle in calmly, and the emphasis on their individual development as a person alongside with excellent academia and very good scholastic concepts at ThIS shows what is actually possible in the education sector. ThIS is a standout example for how school education should be, and THIS set their own very high standards. (Family Zepf)

First, our daughter has attended ThIS, and now our son does, too. The school's academic programme is comprehensive, it is not confined to subject matters only, but goes beyond. This is particularly important for me, as it is a preparation for life. Communication between school and  parents is very good, even if parents have little time to get involved in the school, they are always informed. The students' excellent language skills, mainly English, are priceless for their future career path. (Family Clauß)

For over ten years, our children have attended ThIS. As parents, we are convinced by the school's educational approach, which takes our children on an educational journey to more knowledge, instead of only "feeding" them facts. Teachers often act as mentors. In this way, it is possible to motivate the children to take ownership of their learning. (Family Boysen)

ThIS meets the individual needs of its students. It offers a high quality academic education and provides an open minded and generous atmosphere. ThIS teachers, staff, students and friends build a wonderful familiar community. A perfect place to develop young personalities. (Family Eichhorn)