Beyond the classroom

Day Care

On school days, we provide a day care programme before and after school; from 07:30 - 08:15 and 15:15 - 17:00. Additional day care is offered on professional development days and during major holidays (first week of fall break, first week of spring break, second and third week of summer break), given children have been registered for this service in due time and there is enough demand.


The school offers a range of recreational and educational after school (co-curricular) activities led by the teaching staff. They are designed for students to acquire skills, discover new talents and make new friends. Participation is possible for matriculated ThIS students on a “first come first serve” basis. These activities are generally free of charge except for a nominal materials’ fee. Details, times and dates are announced at the beginning of each school year.

In addition we are able to offer space to individual providers for instance for music lessons. Please contact the school’s office for details and approval from the Director.


The school offers a variety of field trips for all students, EP-12. These range from half-day drives to the local park to Model United Nations (MUN) Trips abroad. Field Trips provide a way for teachers to approach knowledge in a completely new way and for students to have fun while learning. Students have a chance to experience hands-on learning while also being introduced to new environments, cultures and the world beyond.

Summer Camp

ThIS offers a summer camp to it's students (grades EP2- 5) for the first week of the summer each year. In recent years, there have been a variety of activities. Children explored the underground caves of Weimar and the EGA-Park in Erfurt, kayaked down the llm, went Swimming to Bad Berka, visited horse stables and farms, and ran fun activities around the school. Altogether, the students had a lot of fun and created new friendships within their lower school peers. Details on the Summer Camp and the registration form are available here in spring.