IB Diploma, Grades 11 - 12

The IB Diploma Programme (IB DP), for students aged 16 - 19, is a two-year course of study.

Recognized internationally as a qualification for university entrance, it also allows students to fulfill the requirements of their national education system.

Students share an educational experience that emphasizes critical thinking as well as intercultural understanding and respect for others in the global community.

The IB Diploma at the end of Grade 12 is considered to be an “international passport” to higher education, as it is based upon the best educational practices in the world. The programme is recognized by the German government and, providing requirements are met (see KMK document), enables students to gain the "Hochschulreife”. It enables students to gain entrance to universities all around the world, including the US, UK, and other English speaking countries. Recent graduates from Thuringia International School have scored very well in their examinations and gained entrance to universities in these countries as well as Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, China, Switzerland and others.